For the last Friday of Ramadan, we present, in no particular order the top Muslimah fashion influencers that looked superstylish yet modest during the holy month.

1.1Basma Kahie: Basma Kahie who is known as Basma_k on social media is a Muslimah blogger that gives major Hijab inspiration to her 399k followers. As an entrepreneur, she runs an independent hijab/scarf boutique

  1. 2

    Maryam Salam: Popularly known as fashionbydaisy, Maryam is a Nigerian fashion blogger and the founder of 'The Blogger Point'; the first bloggers' agency in Nigeria. Maryam keeps her style simple yet chic.

  2. 3

    Habiba Da Silva: With over 704k followers on Instagram, it is an understatement that Habiba has made a name for herself as a modest fashion and lifestyle blogger. In 2016, Habiba launched a hijab fashion range, called Skin, designed to be inclusive of all races and skin tones.

  3. 4

    Saufeeya Goodson: Dubai-based blogger, Saufeeya has proved beyond measure that been a modest style guru could be achieved effortlessly. As one of the co-creators of “Hijab Fashion”, Saufeeya is one of
    the few who has brought modest fashion to limelight

  4. 5Hafsah Mohammed: Popularly known as Hafymo, Hafsah is a style blogger, a Youtuber and and founder of “Elora Collection.” From turban styling, to her signature palazzo pants, Hafsah never fails to give just the right dose of modest look
  5. 6

    Halima Aden: Halima Aden is an Hijab-wearing American fashion model. Halima came to limelight when she became a semi-finalist in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant. She has since then been breaking barriers and redefining the idea of modest style in the runway.


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